Property Insurance

Whether you have just purchased your first family home, or own a large property portfolio Alqalaa offers the most comprehensive and competitive policies on the market. With a vast variety of insurers to choose from, we have the right policy for you.
Property insurance policies usually protect against all types of risks to property, including fire and lightning, explosion, civil commotion, storm, flood, impact damage, burst pipes, water damage, earthquake and theft by forcible entry or exit. Here are just some of the insurance types on offer:

All Risk

All risk insurance covers all types of physical loss and damage, including theft following forcible entry or exit. The policy also covers accidental damage to the property.

Loss of Profit

Following an accident, loss of profit insurance covers any loss of earnings in addition to any extra costs of working.

Home Insurance

Home insurance combines various personal protections, which cover losses occurring to one’s home or its contents, as well as additional living expenses due to loss of use and loss of other personal possessions. In addition, it covers accidents that may happen at home.

Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance includes both property insurance and liability coverage, with an indivisible premium. Costs vary depending on the value of the house and household possessions.

Deterioration of Stock

This insurance covers loss or damage to perishable goods due to a number of causes, including breakdown or damage of refrigeration apparatus, or unforeseen and sudden escape of refrigerants.


Money insurance protects against the theft or loss of money whilst in transit, on authorised business, on personal premises or from a locked safe or strong room.