Engineering Insurance

We have a comprehensive selection of engineering insurance options, designed specifically to meet your diverse business needs and to protect employees and assets alike. Our expertise in the field, and on major engineering projects throughout the region, meansour team can ensure the right coverage for you.

Contractors’ All Risks Insurance

Contractors’ all risks insurance covers the cost of physical loss or damage in respect to contract work, construction, equipment and machinery. This cover also offers comprehensive protection against third-party claims relating to property damage or bodily injury associated with a construction project.
The cover usually extends to loss or damage caused by fire, lightning, explosion, faults and natural perils such as storms, floods and hurricanes, during both the construction period and the maintenance period.

Erection All Risks Insurance (EAR)

Erection all risks insurance is designed to protect against risks during the erection and installation of plants and machinery. EAR insurance protects against sudden physical loss or damage.

Machinery Breakdown

This type of insurance covers damage to plants and machinery, which arisesdespite correct and regular maintenance. It protects against accidents whilst the machinery is working or at rest, as well as during the time it is being dismantled or erected. A machinery breakdown policy can be extended to cover the loss of profit incurredfor an agreed fixed period.

Contractor’s Plant & Equipment

This insurance covers loss or damage to plant items such as cranes, shovels, diggers and excavators. The cover applies to items whilst working, at rest, in storage, or whilst being transported within a declared region.