Marine Insurance

The marine industry is highly diversified and specialised, much like the insurance needs of marine businesses and individuals. As a result, choosing the right policy for your needs can prove difficult. At Alqalaa,we responded to the competitiveness and complexities of the market by creating aspecialised team with a wealth of knowledge in the marine insurance field. Whatever your requirements, we navigate the marine insurance industry so you don’t have to, ensuring a smooth and simple experience for all.
Together, our extensive knowledge and preferred providers, guarantee insurance at competitive rates for each of Alqalaa’s marine clients. We currently offer state-of-the-art insurance brokerage services for the following specialist areas:


The Alqalaa cargo team covers all aspects of cargo in transit, including the loss or damage of cargo at sea, in the air or on land, regardless of the method of transit.

Marine Hull, Machinery and P&I

Alqalaa presents a wide selection of marine insurance options, from national and international companies. We can provide advice and expert knowledge on the following:

  • Hull and machinery
  • Protection and indemnity (P&I)
  • Marine-related liability risks
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